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It's Like [shhh-kneee]


A Little Bit About Me...

Something you can always hear me say is “I love collaboration!” From a very early age I loved playing dress up and putting on little plays or skits for my family. It was a no brainer to put me in an acting class and that quickly became a passion that I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. 


I followed that passion all the way to Emerson College where I graduated with honors and a BFA in Acting. However, being the desert flower that I am I made the decision to move to Los Angeles. I am currently training with acting coach Craig Archibald at the Archibald Studio. We focus on audition prep, scene breakdown, camera work and more. I am also very passionate about theatrical combat and have trained in hand to hand and weaponry skills. Anything movement or action based you can count me in! I have a big love for comedy so I’ve taken improv at UCB and am moving forward to study at other companies.  


Not only am I interested in pursuing a career in acting but I’ve rediscovered a love for writing and creating my own projects. I am currently in collaboration with other writers and directors on projects we hope to go into production for in 2021. It is a goal of mine to not only grow as an actor but also as a creator and producer. I am always interested in meeting other artists and sharing stories that haven’t had a chance to be heard.

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